DLOCK_03 No matching record found in the employer digital accoun


Hi all,

does anybody else appearing to be having issues regarding DLOCK_03. We have a number of learners appearing but it appears DAS is looking at the previous apprenticeship (one they have been exited off) and not the one they are currently on/progressed too.

Everything appears correct from an ILR point of view.

The same applies for DLOCK_05 No matching record found in the employer digital account for the programme type, this is where apprentices have exited off a framework and are now on a Standard but DAS is still looking at the previous framework

Has anybody else experienced issues and are there any work arounds?

We have contacted service desk and been advised of a 10 day turnaround reply to emails.

Thanks all


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Martin West

I have found that most of these are due to the new programme not being on or not approved on DAS.