Annabel Redshaw

EHCP - Apprentice


We have an apprentice aged 17 that has an EHCP.  With regards to additional payments, do we get an additional payment as well as the 16-18 incentive?

I've not seen any extra payment come through with regards to this.


thank you



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Ruth Canham-James

Do you mean the additional payment described here;

That's one payment, which you get if the apprentice meets either (or both) of these conditions.

Annabel Redshaw

I think the apprentice was expecting from what she describes could be the "care leavers bursary" but she hasn't  mentioned that she was in care just she lives with a relative.  Will look into this more with her.

Ruth Canham-James

That's a separate thing, and unrelated to the EHCP. "In Care" and "Care Leaver" have very specific definitions in the apprenticeship guidance (and from what you've said, she probably wouldn't fit the criteria). You have to code things very specifically to get the care leavers bursary, and make sure you know whether the apprentice is happy for the employer know, and you code differently based on their decision.

Annabel Redshaw

Thank you