Karen Fone

ILR Violation Errors - Empld_01


Good Morning,

Please can the ESFA advise why Training Providers are receiving Empld_01 rules violation errors today, based on the latest submissions?

Is this to do with the changes planned for April, and what action should we be taking?

Many thanks


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Richard Phipps

I'm seeing this too.. Looks like they've broken something with the rule


Looking at what the rule does, it would appear they've broken the link to EDRS so the system can't look up the numbers any more (or Blue Sheep have just unilaterally turned it off I guess?).

Suspect there's nothing we can do until they switch the rule off...

Lisa Margach

Hi All,

We are also getting this for a lot of our learners, I know people may not know the answer to this yet, but does anyone think this will get fixed, or do we need to put 9999999999 for these learners so we can get payments for them?



It certainly *should* get fixed. Wouldn't panic yet...