Cheryl Hogger

Withdrawal from EPA


Hi We have a learner go through gateway, The EPA process is 6 months and they would be due to complete final EPA element in July. They have handed their notice in today but have been told by the EPAO they can still complete the elements. They leave their current company in June. Is there anything that can be done?  Even if the new employer will pay for the EPA how would this be recorded ?

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Kelly Knights

6 months wowza.

Sadly unless the learner is being made redundant this would be a withdrawal as the learner has to be employed until they successfully complete their EPA a bit sad that the EPA told them differently.

Is there really no way of the EPA element somehow being condensed so it can be finalised before she leaves her employment? K


Cheryl Hogger

Kelly Knights I know but the EPAO issues a schedule that cannot be moved. Its a standard that is under review at the moment and the EPA schedule and length of time have always damaged us so much. Its the L4 Commercial procurement and supply standard the timing are a real hindrance sometimes. Thanks Kelly I knew this would be the answer.