Lyn Joyce

Levy ran out does the employer have to pay co-investment 5%


Hi if the levy runs out part way through,  as the employer provider does the company then have to co-invest the remainder at 5%.Technically this would mean paying ourselves the 5% these have been coded up as 356 on the ILR?  This is showing on a report i have run but the learners are 16-18, the odd one 19+? MTIA


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Oh, if you've got 356 in the LDM it shouldn't generate a contribution (there are plenty of non-levy paying providers who teach their own staff)? needs to be against the ZPROG record.

Lyn Joyce

Hi Steve 

Thanks for your reply, we are on PICS and it has moved over to PICS web, if i'm honest i'm struggling to find the 356 code on the new interface. I think what you are saying is that we as the employer provider do not have to pay the co-investment to our selves as long as they are coded up right, i just need to find out now where this field is showing on the new PICS, it is definitely on the ZPROG record... What system do you use, not impressed at all with the PICS  WEB...


Yes, that's the top and bottom of it. Employer providers don't have to pay.

I have the joy of working with most of the main systems with different clients, they all have their positives and negatives, he says, diplomatically... ;)