Paul Taylor

Upcoming Changes to EDS from 01/04/22 - R08 ERN Errors


Hi All, 

Just checking if anyone else is having the following rule violations regarding ERNs that have recently been generated for apprentice starts pre 01/04/22, I am aware of the upcoming changes to EDS. 

Error - 'Employer identifier' is wrong. We can't find the number you've provided on our system. Check that the 'Employer identifier' is correct. You can use 999999999 if you're waiting for an employer ID to be allocated.

Thanks, Paul 


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Benjamin Feighery

Hi Paul,

I have seen the same this morning, i am guessing they've copied over an incomplete version of the EDRS data locally on DAS again and it's spitting out errors where it can't find the number.  The 1st one on our list was checked in blue sheep and was a valid number with no indication it had become invalid since issue.

hopefully if it gets logged enough with the helpdesk it will be turned to a warning or actually fixed

Julie Newman

I am also having this problem for learners that have been on plan for sometime.

I have raised a ticket as the ERN provided by the company is not coming up on the new ERN system!!

Sophie Lampert

Also having the same issue for new and old learners alike. Please could you send a link to the new ERN system?

Paul Taylor

Sophie Lampert

I don't think there is a new ERN system, more of a lookup of ERNs from the current database which is being decommissioned. 

You can access this via Submit Learner Data as below:

Steve Bowler

They're now showing as warnings instead of errors for me which helps whilst they resolve the problem :-)

Sharon Ward


I can now see that these errors are warnings but I still have errors (WorkPlaceEmpId_01) for my traineeship learners. I have emailed the service desk, does anyone else have these?

Rule Name Field Values Error Message
WorkPlaceEmpId_01 WorkPlaceEmpId=105206105| The Work placement employer identifier is not valid

Sharon Ward

The errors for traineeships is also being looked into and will be fixed by changing them to warnings not errors, from Thursday 24th March