Philip Dawe

Ukrainian Immigration status?


Does anyone yet know what immigration status Ukrainian nationals will receive form either of the Family or sponsored route? And if so if it is one of the categories that are exempt from the AEB three year residency rule.

I have searched the site but as yet cannot find a definitive answer.


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Anna Strelow

The following was part of the AOC funding and finance briefing last week.

Ukraine issues

Three points to note:

  • The government opened registrations for a Ukraine humanitarian sponsorship scheme on Monday and has already had more than 100,000 expressions of interest. mainly from individuals. Individual sponsors are expected to provide housing for a minimum of 6 months. The government will pay a monthly thank-you payment of £350 a month and will carry some checks but will leave it to but will stand back from organising the accomodation or the sponsorship. Refugees will get visas of up to 3 years which will allow them to work and access benefits (including state funded education). The government has not yet published the arrangements for organisational sponsors but hopes to encourage business, charity and university involvement. It is possible that a few colleges with spare residential accomodation or links to host families could make something of this scheme.
  • DfE will be updating its funding rules to take account of these new Ukranian visas.
  • The government has sanctioned a number of individuals with connections to the Russian government and has secured passage for an Economic Crime Bill that will speed up the process. Colleges are not really in this sort of market but now might be a good time to check your money laundering compliance policy

Philip Dawe

Anna Strelow,

Thank you for the swift response. I don't suppose the AOC gave any indication of when the revised funding rules will be published and/or if it will include changes to both the 16-19 funding rules and the AEB ones?


Anna Strelow

I see that the AEB rules have been updated today.


Update from GOV.​UK for:

Education and Skills Funding Agency


Adult education budget (AEB) funding rules 2021 to 2022

Page summary:
Sets out the rules that apply to ESFA funded AEB provision for the 2021 to 2022 funding year.

Change made:
We’ve updated the funding rules to confirm that all Ukrainian adults and their family members supported through the Ukraine Family Scheme and Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme are immediately eligible for FE 19+ funding and are exempt from the 3-year residency requirement as per the current AEB funding rules.

Time updated:
1:02pm, 23 March 2022


Just to clarify - if a Ukranian refugee then finds employment would they be co-funded (dependant on wage ofcourse)?