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Returning from BIL when PPED and OTJ



Just looking for advice, we have a learner who passed their original planned end date before going on a break in learning. The learner has since returned to complete their programme, if the learner required 6 months for example to complete the rest of their programme, would they need an additional 20% OTJ hours adding to their original 20% entitlement?

In terms of return from learning paperwork, would you require an updated Apprenticeship Agreement, Commitment statement with revised dates and evidence of start of learning on return date for each apprenticeship aim? Whilst we think this would be required, it isn't clear in the guidance for evidence requirements in relation to returning from a break, other than to re-plan the delivery and agree a revised price with the employer if needed.

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Martin West

The guidance is here: Provider Support Manual: 2021 to 2022 - How to record changes to the apprenticeship (

The OTJ hours remain as per the original, the planned date is set to what is required to complete the training delivery for the Programme and individual aims.

The employer should revise the Apprenticeship agreement and you should agree and update the commitment statement to reflect the planned delivery.


Bill Smith



Thanks for your response. In terms of the revised App agreement and Commitment statement would the signature's need to be on the date of return? Just conscious if the app agreement is signed after the return to learning date would this time frame be discounted?


Martin West

The requirement is that you agree this with the employer prior to the restart, auditors will normally apply some leeway where the actual documents are signed shortly after.