Helen Bryant

Additional payments and change of employer



Apologies if there is already a thread concerning this topic but I would be very grateful for some clarification please. If an apprentice (who was 16-18 at the start of their apprenticeship) changed employer after month 3, would the new employer be eligible for the 12 month additional payment if the apprentice was still with them at that time? 

I asked this question to the Apprenticeship Service Support helpdesk some time ago and their reply was that the new employer would NOT be entitled to the 12 month payment. I'm sure though that I've read somewhere that the new employer would be eligible. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Martin West

Yes this is confirmed in the funding rules for a change in employer

Additional payments stop for the first employer, but they retain any payments already made. The number of days in learning with the first employer are added to the days in learning with the new employer to calculate when payments are due.

And in the Technical funding guidance

  1. If the apprentice changes provider or employer, then the first employer or provider retains any additional payments already made. The new employer or provider will receive any outstanding payments. We add the number of days in learning with the first provider or employer to the days with the second provider or employer, to calculate when any remaining additional payments are due.


Helen Bryant

Thank you Martin; I was sure I had read it somewhere so it's reassuring to know I wasn't just dreaming it! So the advice from the AS was incorrect then - no surprise there!