Helen Wilshaw

Apprentices changing Employers



We have an Apprentice who has changed Employers for the third time.  Once I have worked out the residual money that is due for the third Employer do I need to add this again as a TNP 3 and TNP 4 on the ILR? Thank you.


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Ben James


After a residual price (TNP3 or 4) has been recorded for a programme, any subsequent price records for that programme must also be residual prices. You must not record a new total price (TNP1 or 2) after recording a residual price for the same programme.

Provider Support Manual: 2022 to 2023 - Recording apprenticeship financial data (submit-learner-data.service.gov.uk)



I think I did have one client who tried to record TNP 5 and 6 in this situation (which makes a certain sort of sense!), but yes, as Ben says, just 3 and 4 again.

Helen Wilshaw

Thank you both.