Rebecca Wilson

Job Start Date and Learning Start Date Query


Do you know if an apprentice can start their apprenticeship 6 weeks before starting their practical period?  Simply put, start their new job with a contract of employment to be an apprentice but on the App Agreement and ILR, practical learning starts 6 weeks later?  Are their any time constraints between the 2 dates?


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Martin West

It would be normal for an employer to take on an Apprentices and then arrange for a Training Provider to deliver the Apprenticeship Training (practical period), we all know how long this may take where the employer has to setup a DAS account and agree the training with the provider which all must take place prior to the start of the practical period.

There is no time limit specified in the funding rules as it is normal in some circumstances that training delivery may start at specific dates or even only annually.


Dean Cox

Martin West As the apprenticeship practical period may not have started at that point, should the apprentice be on a standard minimum wage up until the point they start the apprenticeship, where they can then be on an apprentice minimum wage? Thanks.

Martin West

No, apprenticeship rates can apply from the start date on the Apprenticeship Agreement where this is prior to the start of the practical period.