Andrea Scotti

R14 20/21 Reconciliation payment remittance


We are being asked by our accounts for the remittance that shows the reconciliation amount from when we submitted P12 in July 21 athen the difference (if any) when we hard closed in October for 2021/22.  I've checked all our payment history and I can't find anything relating to this reconciliation for 21/22.  Please could someone point me in the right direction.  MTIA


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Hi Andrea

We've been *begging* for separate lines on the remittance for this for years and they won't/can't do it...

However (and it's just taken me 20 minutes to find the damn thing!!!!), in your R03 Period End Reports from this year, you'll find a spreadsheet called Cross Year Indicative Payments Report which should help. Paras 178 onwards here:

explain how it works.

Andrea Scotti

That's great Steve - thanks for that - thought it was just me losing the plot  :-)