Helen Wilshaw

New Employer Third Time


Hi, we have an Apprentice who is changing Employers for the third time.  She already has a TNP 3 and TNP 4.  When I am working out the new residual funding do I use the funding from the TNP3/TNP4 or do I use the Original Funding from the TNP1/TNP2 when she first started? Thank you.


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Ruth Canham-James

If the enrolment carried on last employer change, the monthly payments should have stayed the same, so you work it out as usual, just using the original price, working out how much funding has already been received up to the new employer change date, and taking that off the original. I'd just double check the apps monthly payment report to see if the payments were still the same before and after the last employer change.

Equally, you could work it out from the residual price, and the dates from the last employer change to the planned end date, but it should work out the same either way.

Helen Wilshaw

Hi Ruth, when I'm checking the monthly payment reports do I include the Employer Contribution Payment Totals? Thanks H.

Ruth Canham-James

When I look at the Apps Monthly Payment report, if I'm looking for total income per month, I add up the first three columns for each month. On an apprenticeship with no changes/complications, if you take 80% of the total agreed price, and divide it by the number of planned months, that should be the amount that appears in the first three columns of that report each month. It could be just levy, it could be co-investment and co-investment from employer, it could just be co-investment if it's a small employer. If it's a levy payer who funded partly from their levy pot, but not in full, it can even be a value in all three columns. It's the total of those three that's how much ESFA consider you've received, and so comes off the band cap for that student on that apprenticeship.

Helen Wilshaw

This is the guidance I have been following which was provided for me when I asked the same question around 6 months ago:

If you need how to calculate it:

You first must establish how much funding you have drawn down for the first employer you can do this as per the following:

Original Total negotiated price (TNP1 + TNP2) X 0.8, divide this by the original duration in months this will give the monthly amount.

Multiply by the duration in months with the first employer (where in learning on the last day of the month).

Example for a 12 month programme with a negotiated price of £5000 where the employer changes after 5 months.

£5000 X 0.8 = £4000 / 12 =£ 333.33* X 5 = £1,666.66*

This will leave £3,333.33 available for the new employer or you can renegotiate the price.

If you deduct the EPA costs (TNP2) this will leave the residual training costs (TNP3)

Example £3,333.33* - TNP4 £1000 = TNP3 £2,333.33*

This works the same for levy / non-levy and SME