Judy McConnel

Residency of Non EU national



We have an Non-EU applicant whose immigration status is dependent Leave to Remain (he has not been resident for 3 years) but his partner is a British national. The funding rules don't seem to cover this scenario - does anyone have an opinion on whether this applicant would be funded or not? Thanks! 


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Sorry Judy, what kind of funding, AEB or Apprenticeship?

Judy McConnel

Sorry Steveh I should have said; AEB funding!

Kelly Knights

What about page 15 of the 21/22 ESFA AEB rules (section 40 ?) This relates to family members of EU or UK nationals.

Although it says they must have settled status which doesnt apply surely if the spouse is British.

I wish they hadn't removed that table they had in previous years funding rules.



Sadly, Kelly, they removed the table because it was no longer relevant...

Family members now require three years residency just like anyone else here on Leave To Remain visas. And, yes, it's Para 40 that covers it.

HOWEVER, GLA *are* continuing to fund Family Members (the joys of devolution!), P43 of their Rules. I'm not aware of any of the Combined Authorities doing this, but also, it's quite hard to track down all of their versions of the Rules...