Steve Bowler

E-Signature recommendations?



Would anybody be able to recommend any decent software they use in relation to collecting e-signatures? I had been playing with one called PandaDoc that seemed simple to use and didn't seem to cost anything (I've been using it for a month), however my colleagues are being prevented from doing the same thing as me without upgrading. I'm not sure if there are any actual 'free' systems out there that would be suitable but any information/experience would be greatly appreciated :-)



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Let's get our definitions straight.

From an ESFA standpoint an "electronic signature" is:

An electronic signature is defined as any electronic symbol or process 
that is associated with any record or document where there is an 
intention to sign the document by any party involved. An electronic 
signature can be anything from a check box to a signature.

so you shouldn't need any additional software to collect a checkbox...

A digital signature is:

A digital signature is where a document with an electronic signature is 
secured by a process making it non-refutable. It is a digital fingerprint 
which captures the act of signing by applying security to a document. 
Usually documents which have a digital signature embedded are 
extremely secure and cannot be accessed or amended easily. 

but BOTH are acceptable by ESFA

(above from App 21/22 Main Provider Rules P 382, but the same wording appears in all the funding docs)

Steve Bowler

Thanks for the quick reply Steve it's the latter I'm looking for at the moment (digital signature) :-)

Kelly Knights

We use docusign and I love it. I have no idea of the costs I'm afraid

Ray Davies

We (in apprenticeships) use Docusign which we also find great. It costs us £1 per envelope. Other parts of the college use Signable which I believe they got for about 30p per envelope.

Steve Bowler

Thank you for the replies, I have had other recommendations for DocuSign so I'll have a look into that :-)

Dave Jeffries

Hi Steve,

we have a bespoke web-based onboarding system and looked at different options to integrate a digital signature system. Based on cost, ease of integration and level of support, we went with Eversign.

Sarah Kelly

We use signable which is quite a bit cheaper than docusign.