AEB Funding rules 22/23


Hi all,

Does anyone know when the funding rules for AEB will be released for 22/23?

Many thanks


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Kelly Knights

It looks like V1 of the 20/21 ESFA AEB rules were released in May last year so possibly next month for 22/23.

Hopefully they dont take as long to release apps rules

Peter Hancock

Has anybody heard when the performance management section will be published.  The version of the rules on the website is dated 3/8/22 and it says that 

"We will add a further section on performance management in the summer."

Peter Hancock

Now that the funding rules are online and unavailable in a PDF, it is harder to refer back to older versions.  Has anybody found a place on the web where the version history of the funding rules for the current year is available?  

I know the online version has a change history, but this is only a summary and does not show exactly what the changes are.