Lyn Joyce

Problems with Pics Web


Is anybody else having problems with the new PICS WEB? I'm at my wits end, all the reports that i used in the past are not giving me the same of information, I understand that its technically a new system , but the reports are not pulling the same level of detail or if they are the information is not correct in all cases, I raised issues and they have said updates will be out the end of this week... I need this information like yesterday, its very frustrating and not very user friendly at all. I have lost faith in what i am producing and that is not good at all.


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Louise Tomkins

Hi Lyn Joyce,

I am in a similar situation, I have tried a number of times to use PICSWeb but some reports simply don't work for us. Whilst PICS desktop adhoc is still available I continue to use it but it is being turned off before the end of the month.

I have been spending this week systematically going through my adhoc reports one by one and making sure I can replicate them (field by field and line by line) in PICSWeb, if I can't then Pellcomp are getting an email in relation to each of my reports letting them know what is missing, what doesn't work etc. so they can rectify it and make the options available before they turn off Adhoc.

I would recommend if you still have adhoc, use that to get the data you want so it doesn't stop you in your tracks and then drop them a line to highlight the options that are missing from PICSWeb in order for you to be able to swap over to the new platform, this should mean you get the data you want when you need it but also get them working on fixing it in PICSWeb for next time.

Hope this helps


Paul Rogers

I'd recommend - if you have not already - clearly raising your concerns and examples to pellcomp directly and see if they can work with you to provide solutions.  I have found alternatives for 95% of the reporting purposes already but some are causing some frustrations but I'm confident Pellcomp can assist.


Chris Roberts

I noticed the claim history reports are incorrect after R08 in web. I spoke with pellcomp yesterday and its a known issue that should be fixed over the weekend. 

Lyn Joyce which reports are you struggling with? Its taken me 3 months to migrate all our desktop reports over to web. The only two that don't give our 16-19 contract the same level of data are the attendance and QAR reports.