Joshua Golding

Recommendations for MIS / Data submission systems


Good morning all,

We're a recently established provider and have quickly grown to a level we need to look at an alternative to the ILR data upload tool, and would like to invest in a system that also has provision for review monitoring/booking, apprenticeship programme support, log ins for users and employers etc.

We currently use learning assistant for our VQ management and this satisfies much of our programme work - I'd like to see if any other providers have systems they would recommend as we look to tender for some options?

Much appreciated.



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Chris Roberts

Ive only ever used BUD for apprenticeships when it was in its infancy but it worked quite well in terms of enrolment, reviews, portfolio and completion. The reports were a bit iffy but it was early days. 

Jenny Johnson

We used PICs before it was PICSweb but moved to Maytas - which is much better - from reporting perspective and developing our own reports. We are looking at buying add-ons as they are easy to navigate. 

Paul Rogers

Please find below a link to all the MIS systems used for the R14 data submission that might give you a better overview of the products available, and which ones are used significantly in the sector.


Joshua Golding

Thanks for your responses all, Bud I had looked into - that report is a really useful starting point Paul, thank you.