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Is anyone else having problems actually post an advert for an employer on Recruit Apprentices? The old site needs an EDRS if the employer cannot be found, but of course they have now stopped them! On the DAS site today they have updated the Recruit Apprentices site and it will no longer allow us to add a vacancy, it says that we do not have the correct permissions and to access IDAM's and get the permission, however, there is no actual permission to upload! I have a service ticket in but of course that could take 5 days to get an answer. So now we have an employer we can not actually put a vacancy onto the site!


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Beyond adding every vaguely plausible permission on IDAMS, not sure what to suggest? "Apprenticeship Contributor with Approval" maybe? Or Apprenticeship Account Owner?

Paul Rogers

Hi Kevin,

One suggestion, has the employer given you permission to add vacancies on their behalf?  Without this you will receive a similar error to the one you mention.


Kevin Bunn

Thanks Steveh, I have all the permissions that you can have on IDAM's, and there is no new one there today.

Paul, we have the permission to add vacancies for the employer, however, today the DAS  changed so to cannot even select the employer to add the vacancy, as soon as you start to create a vacancy I get the message that I do not have the permission to create vacancies and to go onto IDAM's and set-up the permission! I already have all the permissions that I can on IDAM's as the Superuser.


Hi Kevin

Did you get anywhere with this? It's happening to a colleague of mine and we're also out of ideas on how to fix it...

Kevin Bunn

Hi Steveh, still trying to get someone within the Apprentice Service to actually take ownership of the problem, I keep being passed from team to team, it seems that everyone says its the other teams that should be sorting it out!

My last reply from them said:-

"Would you be able to get the employer change the permissions and then change them back?
 If it is a website fault, reperforming the action could remove any error which was placed when it was created. Can you get them to try this? If the issue still persists please let us know and we will escalate this situation for you"
Still waiting for one of my employers to do this, so cannot say if it will work!




Cheers mate.

Can't beat "switch if off and on again" as a solution... [to be clear, this is sarcasm]

Shannon Dearnley

Hi all,

Did anyone receive any solutions to this at all? Ideally, we don't want to be giving the full access to the Apprentice Service so hoping there is a better solution than the generic "Apprenticeship Contributor... etc"