Gina Bowles

Change of Employer - Tracking


Hi All

I am looking at our change of employer process and am wondering how other people deal with these.

I am sure that I read somewhere that if we are aware of a change of employer we can change the ILR to reflect this however I now cannot find it and am beginning to think that it was all in some weird and wonderful dream I had.

I would like a way to track change of employers, would anyone be willing to share so I can get an idea of the sort of things I can look at.




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Gaynor Hunt

Hi, all our employer changes can be tracked in our MIS -we use PICS. But they now also show on the Apprenticeship Service. We also keep records in learner files.

Hope that helps

Gina Bowles

Thank you - we do not have that luxury in the system we use....

It would be so much easier if we did.





Agnieszka Slipek

Hi Gina 

Please refer to P342 to 344 of the Funding Rules which detail the actions required if an apprentice changes an employer but continues with the apprenticeship. This is not an option it's a requirement, you must ensure that the original employer stops funding and you agree price with new employer for the delivery of the remainder of the programme. If apprentice leaves the employer they started the apprenticeship with they affectively are terminating their apprenticeship so unless you have an agreement with new employer it's a withdrawal. 


Action to take where the apprentice changes employer but continues the same
apprenticeship with the same main provider
Where there is no break in employment or a break of 30 days or less
P342 The original employer must stop payments through their apprenticeship service
account, using a stop date that corresponds with the date the apprentice changed
employer. This includes where the apprenticeship is funded by a transfer. They can
also stop co-investment, as appropriate.
P343 The new employer and main provider must:
P343.1 agree a price for the remainder of the apprenticeship training and
assessment taking into account relevant learning from the first
employer. This price must be recorded in the ILR as a 'residual' price;
P343.2 register the apprentice on the apprenticeship service, if appropriate, for
funding to start;
P343.3 confirm arrangements for, and start paying, co-investment if
appropriate; and
P343.4 contact us if they are unable to register the apprentice on the
apprenticeship service.
P343.5 if the apprenticeship is now being funded by a transfer, or continuing to
be funded by a transfer, then the receiving (new) employer will need to
register on the apprenticeship service and the transfer will need to be
agreed by the sending employer. For more information on how transfers
work, please refer to the ‘Apprenticeships funded by transfer of levy
funds’ section within the Employer or Employer-Provider Funding Rules
(whichever is relevant).
P343.6 If funded via reserved funds you must contact the apprenticeship
service support desk.
P344 The main provider must not draw down funds in an employer’s apprenticeship
service account or government co-investment for delivery which the ESFA has
already paid for with the first employer.