Ruth Canham-James

T level and Placement Hours



I was reading this guidance and came across this bit specifically for Education and Childcare;

For early years educators: there is an expectation that 100 additional hours should be delivered as part of the necessary observation on the industry placement. The additional 100 hours for this T Level only should be counted as ‘planned hours’ for purposes of institutions planning students’ programmes and completing the ILR / schools census.

The Education and Childcare Technical Qualification specification states,

Providers must:

- plan placements of 750 hours over the 2-year TQ delivery period

- ensure students complete a minimum of 415 placement hours, of which 100 must be guided learning hours on placement to reflect the time needed for students to develop the skills and knowledge required, and for formative assessment to take place to demonstrate success.

Once the 100 hours for the observation are added, the early years specialism of the Education and Childcare T Level, is above the minimum hours for band 6, and will be funded at band 6 from 2021.

Those 100 hours, do they go in the overall Planned Hours, and the Work Placement Hours on the employment history record? I know the Placement Hours don't impact on funding, but I don't want to get in trouble with auditors for recording placement hours that were already in the Planned Hours. Also, why on earth are they using the term "guided learning hours"? That terminology has been meaningless for years, outside of the general guide in LARS.



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Oh, everyone at DfE seems to love GLH these days, it's all over the L2 and below consultation... Ofqual never stopped using it, although I'm not 100% sure what their definition is...

I think in this example, I probably would put them in both? As odd as that seems?

Ruth Canham-James

Urgh! I hate ambiguity of terminology! Giving ESFA credit, their terminology is usually pretty solid (unless it's the start/end date names in the DAS, which have four different varieties).

Thanks, I think I'll go ahead and record in both. It's against everything I am used to doing, as it feels like double counting.