Chris Roberts

16-19 Condition of Funding Removal


Good morning

Does anyone know if the condition of funding removal rules changes around 2015-16?

I'm trying to work out what we have had removed each year back to 2015 but the reconciliation statements on the document exchange only go back to 2019-20.

A colleagues seems to remember that the COF funding removal was taken back off at R14 for the the same year but then it changed. If anyone could give some advice it would much appreciated. 

Many thanks 




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Nah, I'm almost certain it's always been part of the lagged formula?

Going back that far though, I wasn't really working with Study Progs, so I couldn't *prove* it (can't see anything pre 17/18 here, and that allocation definitely has a lagged deduction...)

Chris Roberts

Thanks Steve the allocation statements only go back to 19-20 on document exchange. I was looking for something specific for 2015 on our in house archive but the saying needle in a haystack springs to mind. Ill ask the ESFA for some support as they should still have it.