Orlene Wilkes

PDSAT Checking Schedules


cheeky request. Does anyone has a schedule/matrix for checking PDSAT's that they do not mind sharing? In a perfect world we would check all the reports. Any help or advice gratefully received.


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Depends on volume/complexity of provision? If all you've got is 50 Apps on two standards, twice a year would probably do you?

If you're a GFE with ***everything*** probably every month?

Orlene Wilkes

I was afraid you would say that. We are a large provider with every funding stream except devolved areas.



Still though, if you're using the annotations you shouldn't be having that many in-year surprises? Day a month? Two days tops?

Orlene Wilkes

Thank you for all the advice.

Chris Roberts

Every month for me with 300+ learners, however we do have about 9 aims on each plan though. 

Ruth Canham-James

We run them monthly. Similar to you, medium to large college with most funding except devolved. A few years back though, we essentially recreated some of the DSATs as reports in our own systems. They trigger every Monday morning if there's anything in them. We have our own internal method for making a note on a student/enrolment to them exclude from next week's report if we've checked it and we know it's fine. It means we totally ignore some of the DSAT reports because we're 100% confident we've dealt with them already (and have the notes stored should we be audited). We do have to recheck every year to make sure the logic is still the same.

Orlene Wilkes

Good to know, thank you.