Joan Mitchell

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Good morning

Does anyone know if there are any plans to release PDF versions of the Rules and Guidance.  The electronic versions are Ok but not for daily use.  I find this really frustraiting not to be able to print out a copy to be able to add markers and notes etc.





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Ruth Canham-James

It depends what guidance you're looking for, some of it is still in PDF (16-19 and Apprentices). ESFA have stopped making PDF versions of some of the guidance, as it's "not accessible". Technically yes, where you're using software to access these documents, they're more accessible as web pages, so that did need doing. If you don't need any assistance with accessing the documents, the web pages are often worse. We've asked a number of times for ESFA to provide both solutions, but that is quite a bit more work for them, and they have so far decided not to produce both.

Personally, I don't mind as long as the guidance is in one continuous web page, such as the AEB guidance. I can Ctrl+F, and you can print the web pages if you want, and they don't look too awful. You can "print" using cutepdf (free download), to turn it into a pdf that you can then annotate. The one that is really horrible is the Provider Support Manual, which is multiple web pages, and the search function that supposedly searches the whole document, doesn't work at all. That one makes that part of my job ten times harder.