Joan Mitchell

Contact preferences



there apprears to be some changes to the contact preferences in that there are no vaild codes for the new academic year.  Does this mean learners are not able to opt out of contact?

thanks in advance 



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No, I think it means ESFA are giving up on contacting learners directly, which is all it was for.

It was handy because it also provided us with contact preferences but, as they appear not to be doing anything with it, it is right that they're stopping collecting it.


Colin Curwen

The contact preference tick boxes in the 21/22 Privacy Notice have been removed from the 22/23 Privacy Notice along with the removed PMC codes, which tallies with Steve's response.

There are two RUI codes, 4 and 5, that haven't been included in the Summary of Changes for 22/23 with a 'valid to' date of 31st July 2022 suggesting they will still exist.   (NB if I click on the RUI coding for 22/23 it takes me to a page entitled Full-year outgoing ERASMUS: attribute field so I suspect the spec for 22/23 is a bit flakey at the moment.)

Benjamin Cowdery

Can someone please signpost me to the 2022/23 Privacy Notice please?  I am struggling to find it...even Google (other search engines are available!) is letting me down on this one.

Colin Curwen