David Dalby

FE Workforce Data Collection 21/22


I'm expecting ESFA to announce Submit Learner Data has opened the window to submit FE Workforce Collection for 2021/2022 (I'll admit I didn't do the voluntary 20/21 return). Just starting to get my head round it with HR Colleagues.

We are a residential specialist college for students with disabilities, so our queries may not be relevant to all.

First question - if you are residential, are you planning to include "residential" staff as Teaching Support? Double edged as ideally I'd like not to as would cut down return massively, but we have daily arguments with LAs about "waking day" curriculum and the education residences provide.

Second question - has anyone managed to find the specs for 21/22? I can only find 20/21, apart from one document claiming to be 21/22 but on the cover of download says 20/21.

Dave, National Star.


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Henry Wish (ESFA)

Hi David Dalby,

 Please keep an eye out for the new 2022 spec documents, we expect them to be published within the next few weeks.

If you have any technical questions, please use our online form:

Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) enquiry form - DFE Online Forms