Bill Smith

FRM03 query



We have a learner who has appeared on the FRM03 report. The learner is showing as enrolling with another provider prior to the start date with ourselves. We hold confirmation from the learner on their start date that they were not on a another funded programme and the PLR does not show the learning episode with the other provider that has now appeared on the FRM03 report. 

As per FRM guidance it states 'If the learner was still in learning with another provider on the day that they started learning with yourselves, they are ineligible for funding, and you must recode the learning aim record as Funding Model 99.'


If we hold the confirmation from the learner that they were not on another funded programme on start date with ourselves would this suffice as auditable evidence that we could fund the learner?





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Short answer is "yes" that should be sufficient. I don't think we've ever categorically worked out how frequently the PLR is updated or with what data? I'd keep an eye on it though and, if you can work out who it is, possibly drop the other provider an email, as well as getting the story from the learner.

Can I ask what funding stream it is? Marginally worried that the FRM is using *very* out of date School Census data for the first time and interested in how this is affecting FRM03 in particular...


Bill Smith

Thanks for your reply. 

These are 16-19 funded traineeship learner's. The other provider is noted on the FRM report so we will try and get in contact with them. 


The thing with the School Census data is it won't show anyone who withdrew after mid-October, so it's perfectly likely that your trainee left and has been recorded as such by the school, it's just their data is only updated twice a year (next return mid-june, so I guess it might scrape into the R12 FRMs...)