Katie Hodges

16-19 Study programme ID


Good morning,


just wondering what types of ID people accept when a student enrols? We have historially only accepted birth cert, passport, ARC Cards, ID cards, LAC letters from the LA or evidence of being granted leave to the UK. We have some students who dont have these and for one reason or another cannot get them. Would the ESFA accept us seeing NHS numbers, or NI numbers? Are there any other forms of ID which would be acceptable?


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There is no funding requirement* to see any ID from a learner who is a UK citizen who has been ordinarily resident in the EEA for the last three years. A tick box on the form and a signature will suffice.

ID is only required for learners who don't meet this requirement.

*there's a whole bunch of other reasons why a provider might want to see it, to check spelling for Awarding Org entries etcetc

Ruth Canham-James

If you have an OfS contract for HE, they expect you to see ID. But yes, there's no list, so you can decide. We will accept an NI letter, NHS documentation or bank paperwork if needs be (we want to check name spellings). Some students just really don't have anything else. Just as an interesting note, for an enhanced DBS check, they'll accept a letter from a head teacher if they're 16-19. I find this a useful list of the types of documents you could consider.

Chris Roberts

Not all learners would have an NI number?? I met with one of the ESFA policy managers and I was told that if the learners PLR shows a previous relationship with a school then that is enough. 

We ask for birth cert, or any other photo ID or if the learner has a residence permit or arc card.