Emma Orr

Unexpected Data Changes on Digital Accounts


Hi All

Is anyone else having issues with data changing unexpectedly on their Employer Digital Accounts?

We've had an Apprentice Start Date change from 2021 to 2020... we've no idea how as this is not an editable field from either our side as a training provider on the employer's side. We've received a data mismatch email this week which is how we've noticed the change, yet there's no way of updating the record. This is the first time since we put him on last August that we have received a data mismatch email for him and we have not got a DLOCK error on the ILR.

The Apprentice Service advise will be to stop the record and start a new one (they can't change these dates on a current record either apparently). I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar?


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