Dean Cox

Functional Skills - Learner bypassing level 1 to take level 2


It has been brought to my attention that we have learners who never took their level 1 functional skills exam and just continue to learn and take and complete the level 2 functional skills exam.

I can't imagine a fundamental issue doing so as they are achieving the relevant levels, but how would this be reflected in the ILR for funding for functional skills learning? Level 1 was switched on and i was not informed they stopped learning as they did not take the level 1 exam and carried on learning, and it is hard to distinguish at what point they changed between levels.

Is leaving just level 1 switched on until they stop learning altogether for the functional skill acceptable and never claim for the other level, or is there a specific way to do it?

Many thanks, Dean.



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Kelly Knights

Are you referencing a L2 apprentice? If so, I believe they can only bypass L1 FS if they score high in their IA. If their IA requires them to take L1 then you won’t have an option. Happy to be corrected

Dean Cox

Kelly Knights our scenario relates to L3+ apprentices who are required to be achieving L2 or above for functional skills. They are only taking the L2 exam and passing it, despite learning the level 1 and level 2 content. Thanks.

Kelly Knights

Hi again:

Normally L3 apprentices always do L2.  What level is their Initial Assessment result?