Michael Felton

Workforce Data Collection


Is there a free tool that the ESFA have created for the collection of Workforce Data?

If so can someone point me in the right direction please.


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Martin West

Its on submit learner data under 

Tools and services

Jon Darke

I am searching for the application for 21/22 and the link to submit learner data is only for 20/21.  Does anyone know where the application for 21/22 is available?

thanks, Jon


David Lacey

I am waiting on the 21/22 app too.

This link allows you to send a query to ESFA

Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) enquiry form - Customer type - DFE Online Forms

Would expect the new app to be posted here 

Further education workforce data collection - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Last update on the page was 26th Aug 2022, but no app for 21/22 yet


Jon Darke

I have today received a response to my query i sent to the ESFA.  The desktop app has not yet been updated for 2021/22 and they state that they will notify providers once it is updated and released.

Our MIS provider has decided not to build this export into the system so we are relying in this app to produce the xml so lets hope this is available sooner rather than later!

David Lacey

Thanks Jon. We have built the production of the xml into our commercial Payroll and HR Software. The biggest pain point for our customers has been the collating of the teaching data, so as well as adding screens to the software, we provided import spreadsheets to assist. However, the task of pulling all the data together is proving quite onerous and time consuming, so, as you say, for those waiting on the ESFA app, the sooner it is published the better.  

David Lacey

I see there has been an update on 12th September 2022

Jon Darke

Still no application available though - although the versions that were made available for last years collection have disappeared - some progress i suppose


Eleanor Piper

Am I missing something?  The window for data returns is open but there's currently no online form and no desktop tool available?

I know we still have a few weeks to do this but we didn't do last year's optional return as we were a really new provider, and I'd like to know how the tool works and how long it's going to take me to pull together the data from various sources into the right format.

Eleanor Piper

Thanks Martin, I had missed that snippet.  So, for staff data (sorry should have clarified its the staff bit that's most time-consuming and taxing here) the online form is coming on 3 October and the desktop tool on 10 October.

Dan Hodgetts

Is this workforce submission required for all provision types (Inc apprenticeships)?