DLOCKs and Payments?


We've got some DLOCK 07s because we've been tidying up EPA costs and the employers haven't confirmed the new prices yet.

What I can't remember is if this means all of the money generated by these learners so far this year is "clawed back" until the DLOCK is fixed, or if the money just stops for this month? All my recent DLOCKs have been at the start of an App, not in the middle!

Need to make my monthly prediction of income to our finance team and it will be quite different if all of the funding for these 8 learners disappears for a month (they like a number before the Period End reports come out unfortunately...).


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Kevin Bunn

Hi Steveh, I have just checked my DLOCK 7's like you I had a bit of a clear up, they are appearing on the Funding report which shows that the Funding stopped when the DLOCK appeared but they have not "clawed back" any funds.

Hope this helps. Kevin


Nice one Kevin, thanks!