Sue Wise

Late Achiever - How does this affect QAR?


Hi, I am hoping for some clarity please.  

If a learner has not completed their EPA by their original programme planned end date and is more than a year overdue (the QAR seems to suggest these learners will be classed as overdue and will be a withdrawal on the QAR), if the learner achieves and the achievement date is recorded on the ILR, would the learner record show as achieved on the QAR  (and would they receive their certificate) or, would it remain as a withdrawal on the QAR - if the latter would it still be possible to input their achievement date and would they receive their certificate as in effect they have still achieved (albeit a little late).

I hope this makes sense and any guidance would be really appreciated please.





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Learners are only flagged as withdrawals if they're *not* in your data or if they're on a break for more than an entire academic year. There is no limit on how long after their PED that a learner can count positively, provided you continue to return them in the ILR.

This learner will have a Hybrid End Year of the year of their Achievement Date and will count positively.

QAR has no effect on learners getting their certificates.

Martin West

They only include them as withdrawals when you have not included them in the following years ILR, so this should not be an issue as you would continue to report them until the EPA outcome is known.


Sue Wise

Thanks for your responses Steve and Martin that's really helpful.

We use PICSWeb as our host platform (learners are automatically exported in our monthly ILR returns so we shouldn't have any issues).