Erica Phelpstead

Functional Skills exemption


I know this may be basic and i have searched guidance and here and cant seem to find the clarity! Am i right in thinking if a learner finally provides FS exemption evidence, within the funding year, I can cancel/end the FS aim in the ILR and this "repays" the FS funding to the ESFA?  


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Ben James

Technically yes, that is correct. However, if you have delivered the training in good faith I don’t think you should necessarily have to repay the costs you’ve incurred. You’d just terminate the FS as of the date you’ve received the evidence/notification. You’ll keep the funding up to that point, but forgo any more on the basis you’re now assured the apprentice is exempt.

Erica Phelpstead

Hi Ben


That was my thoughts too to be honest, but thanks for the clarification 


YES! just flag them as withdrawn on their last learning before they brought their cert in, you can DEFINITELY keep the money!

Ian Barrett

Steveh this is great if true though we have been advised differently in the past regarding keeping the funding drawn down and so repay the funding currently.

Would it make a difference if the learner has indicated they have passed the required level even if they haven't provided the exemption evidence?  We have been told we can't claim funding for such learners and so are effectively delivering training and/or putting learners through exams for free in order to gain the evidence.


So, if a learner arrives without certs but says they've passed and you do an initial assessment and it says they're working below L2 (because it's 20 years since they did their GCSE) and there's stuff you have to teach them before they take the test then you can categorically have the money. You can't have the money if they ace the IA and can go straight to taking the test, you only get the money if you have a teaching cost.

Of course, I now can't find where this is written down, but I know I had several conversations with AS about it and they confirmed we can keep the money.

Erica Phelpstead

Thanks all for your responses.  We'll now make an informed judgement where these two individuals lie

Thank goodness for this forum!