Sarah Kelly

Qualifications from a different country


How can I check whether a qualification from Zambia can be used as an exemption for maths and English? This is for an apprenticeship standard. Thank you


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I think the short answer is "it just isn't"...

Unless it's on the list here:

(and no overseas quals are) then it can't be used...

Sarah Kelly

Thank you. I had thought that we could apply for a Statement of Comparability as this is what we use for our Teacher Training. 



To be honest I was going to suggest that until I double checked the list!

The list is super restrictive, eg an Adult learner who did an English degree via an Access course wouldn't be exempt, neither would be a Doctor in Maths who didn't have their GCSE/A Level certs...

Sarah Kelly

Thank you for checking!

Emilia Skora

See Notes tab: 

"Overseas qualifications will be acceptable where there is clear evidence from UK ENIC that the qualification is an equivalent level and grade to the minimum requirements for English and maths. In order to be acceptable the evidence must confirm that the qualification achieved is:                                                        
•    comparable with the relevant English framework level (Regulated Qualifications Framework Level 1 / Level 2)                                        
•    comparable with the relevant English qualification (GCSE)                                                    
•    comparable with the required minimum grades (for instance A* to C / 9 to 4 for level 2 and E / 2 for level 1)                                             
•    and additional comparison information confirmed (that the qualification is GCSE English and/or maths equivalent)                                 

Such evidence may be from a statement of comparability (which also confirms the student name and date grade/qualification awarded and whether this is comparable to GCSE A* to C / 9 to 4) or it may be from the UK ENIC International Comparisons database. Where the UK ENIC database is used, this will only confirm the equivalency of the qualification to GCSE English and/or maths it will not confirm that this is the qualification the individual achieved. Therefore, where the database is used, evidence that the individual achieved the qualification and the date of their achievement, must also be provided. "



Oh, well spotted Emilia! Thanks for that!