Alison Brierley

Tupe'd Learner - help



We have a learner who has been Tupe'd to a new company however the new company will only give the learner a contract for a yr from when they started with the old company. 

The learner started with the old company in June 21 started their app at the end of July 21 and the company with the new contract expires on 1st June 2022. 

Therefore not covering even the minimum time for the learner to complete their apprenticeship. 

We have never had this before. 

What are we best doing. Can anyone point me to the correct guidance on this.
Can we continue with the new firm and then move her again when this contract ends. (i didnt think we could due to them needing a contract to cover the duration)
Or do we withdraw her until she finds a new placement after June?

Thank you 



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Martin West

As they must be employed under an Apprenticeship Agreement if the new employer is unwilling to issue and sign the Apprenticeship Agreement then you will need to withdraw the Apprentice.


Alison Brierley

Thank you Martin this was my thought but wanted a second voice incase i had missed anything.