Helen Bryant

Levy Transfer for change of employer


Does anyone know if a levy transfer can be used where there is a change of employer? Our learner has found employment with a non-levy paying company who are up to the max of 10 employees so they're looking for a levy transfer to help fund the apprentice. Is this allowed? Or can a levy transfer only be used to fund an apprentice from the start of the programme?



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The new employer doesn't have to reserve funds if you change employer on the apprenticeship service and I don't think count towards the 10. First employer needs to stop the first record, new employer has to give you permissions on the apprenticeship service and then you should be able to move to the new employer.

Helen Bryant

Thank you Chloe, that's really helpful.


Ray Davies

Just to add to Chloe's answer, we have some employers who won't give us "permissions" to change the employer but create a cohort instead. This I believe does count towards their 10 limit. Also as cohort's cannot be backdated for non levy employers there is the problem of the old employer stopping in say March and the cohort being created in May so exceeding the 30 day rule

Helen Bryant

Thanks Ray, much appreciated.