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Channel Island Apprentices


People from the channel islands are eligible for an English apprenticeship are they not?


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Yes, if they're UK Nationals is how I read that?

and this suggests, to all intents and purposes, they are likely to be:

Jersey-variant British passport - Wikipedia



The wording has changed between 20/21 and 21/22 to include them in that para.

Also, more importantly, is this bit which doesn't change:

P78 You must not claim for individuals who:

P78.6 are ordinarily resident in the Channel Islands or Isle of Man, unless they 
are also ordinarily resident within England

never *quite* worked out how someone can be Ordinarily Resident in two places at once...


Dan Hodgetts

Very confusing....so if they are a UK national and ordinarily resident in England and have right to work in England, but for example moved and settled in Channel Islands - then they are eligible.

If you were born and raised in Channel Islands and none of the above applies - then you are not.

Is that it??  #answersonapostcard


I ***think*** someone born and raised in Jersey *is* a UK National, but if they're not also Ordinarily Resident in England then they're not fundable?