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Apprenticeship ID


What are peoples current approach/opinion to recording/documenting what learner ID we have seen for apprenticeship enrolments? A recent webinar we attended stated we should be keeping evidence of ID seen and a reference; but obviously not the actual ID. For example, ID seen for John Doe: Driving Licence. Reference: JohnDoe12345 (driving licence number). The only reference to this we can find within the guidance is - P368.1 Confirmation of date of birth to ensure that an apprentice is aged over 15 and confirmation that the apprentice has legally left school. However, this still doesn’t state recording and referencing the ID. We would interpret P368.1 as using enrolment documents, and only needing to see ID on enrolment for residency eligibility queries.

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Kelly Knights

You’re brave Lisa.

I know one expert on here  that is rolling his eyes and taking some deep breaths reading this. Steveh


Chris Roberts

Keeping copies of ID is not advised by the ESFA for GDPR reasons. If you're referencing what you have seen I wouldn't record the whole reference number of a passport, DL etc.  


Look, I was trying to stay off this thread Kelly Knights ;)

I think Apps are really interesting because, if they're employed, then by definition the employer must have seen their Right To Work stuff...

So, to my mind, evidencing this stuff only becomes interesting where someone has the Right To Work but *isn't* a UK National, to prove three years residency or other exceptions.

"Proving" a 40 year old has officially left school seems a bit wacky, would probably only keep notes for 16 year olds to be honest...

Kelly Knights

Sorry Steveh

Ian Barrett

It does seem ridiculous that we're supposed to accept self-declarations (and employers must have to do their own checks on Right to Work as Steveh says) yet we've had two auditors recently say that we must do ID checks on all learners regardless.  Is everyone asking to see ID for all learners?  We had assumed that the checks were only necessary for learners who didn't meet the UK national/3 years residency.  P368.2 is ambiguous I think: 'Confirmation that you have seen the learner’s identity documents or immigration permission to verify their residency eligibility in line with Annex A. Confirmation that you are satisfied the learner is eligible for funding and (where necessary) where a learner’s permission to stay has expired you must hold evidence that an application to remain has been made'