Kevin Bunn

Apprentice QAR methodology


Good afternoon all, can someone please confirm whether the ESFA uses Planned Learning End Date or Program End date again with the End Date is it Learning End or Program End in their QAR methodology. Looking at the Business Rules it does not make it clear which of the above they use. I have 1 program which has a 9 months EPA, so this could make a big different to the QAR data. After speaking with the help desk I am more confused!


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Ben James

The technical specification should answer these questions for you

Generally the calculations are based on the programme aim


Martin West

It is based on the Programme end (includes EPA period)

We base the overall QAR on the hybrid end year, which is the later of:

  • the achievement year of an apprenticeship
  • the actual end year of an apprenticeship
  • the planned end year of an apprenticeship
  • the reporting year



In fact, it's easy for those doing the official calculation as they're just looking at dead data. What's hard is for those of us trying to predict which HEY a learner is likely to end up in because the Completion date isn't actually in the data until they've done it...


Michael Kelf


I have an issue with this as i am not sure that the rule is being followed, so can i give an example and get an answer on which year we think it would report against. this is for a standard.

Planned end date = 31/05/2020

Actual end date = 20/03/2021

Achievement date = 30/10/2021

Reported in 21/22 R04


Thanks Mike


Well the AchDate puts it in HEY 21/22, regardless of when it was reported. Slightly worried that the App is only 10 months long though ;)

The ones that bend my brains are AchDate before 1/8/21 BUT first reported in 21/22 R04 (ie still continuing in R14)...