Bill Smith

Change to working hour's on return from BIL (App's)



Where a learner changes their working hour's upon return from a break in learning, would you follow paragraph 333 to 335 in the funding rules?

We have 2 scenarios:

  • First learner has gone from 30hr's per week to 40 hr's per week
  • Second learner has moved from full time employment to part time employment

Would the Off-the-Job and planned duration remain the same as originally planned or would this need to be recalculated?

If not, would you hold a statement advising of no material change?




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Ben James

Yes, P332-P335 is what you would need to refer to. Ultimately what you need to do will depend on whether you/the employer/the learner decide that the change in hours will materially impact the training plan. 

  • Scenario 1 - seems somewhat significant, so would likely affect the training plan - see P335
  • Scenario 2 - depends on the scale of the reduction, if deemed to be significant, see P335 and particularly P335.1.1

The OTJ/PED you've recorded on the ILR would not change, but you would need to update paperwork accordingly and evidence that a discussion had taken place. You'd potentially need to refer to P56 if the learner's hours have reduced as it is likely that they'll end up not meeting the originally agreed figure; though this is okay if they've completed 20% of their 'normal working hours' and you record a statement in accordance with P56


Martin West

The original OTJ hours and Planned end date on the ILR must remain the same but you should note any change agreed with the employer on the commitment statement.


Christina Marfleet


Does this mean that potentially even though the ILR says xyz which cannot be updated as long as we have agreed the change with the employer and have updated commitment statement potentially the learner could work to a different OTJ and planned end date?

We have one learner who declared x hours of employment at the start (part time) but has since told us they are y hours (full time) which could potentially mean their planned end date and OTJ could change while still keeping 20% minimum OTJ.

Thank you.