Bill Smith

Planned Duration on return from a break in learning



When a learner returns from break in learning the remaining duration is planned on the restart however If the learner and employer wish for the programme to be delivered over for example 10 month's instead of the remaining 6 due to being behind with progress can this be done or does the planned end date on the ILR have to be the remaining duration?

Also on the reverse, how would this apply if the learner and employer wish for the programme to be delivered over a shorter period of time?

Please note: all durations would meet minimum duration 



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Ben James

Common practice is to extend the PED commensurate with the time they had spent on a BIL, but there's nothing in the rules to prevent you from extending it by more or less, based on the apprentice's particular circumstances, you'll just get the same funding over a longer/shorter period. The guidance says;

When the learner returns to learning, you will need to re plan the delivery of any remaining training and/ or assessment following a break, a new programme aim (if required), learning aim(s), new planned end date should be created as in the guidance below. 

Provider Support Manual: 2022 to 2023 - Recording breaks in learning, transfers and restarts (

Bill Smith

Thanks for the response. If the duration required is longer than the remaining duartion of the BIL would the OTJ hour's need to be increase or would the residual OTJ hours prior to BIL remain ?

Ben James

There was actually a discussion on this yesterday where opinions varied slightly because of differing interpretations of what the rules were implying, rather than stating explicitly - Further education and training providers community - Apprenticeship Break in Learning - New Rules

I would potentially wait until the 22/23 rules are released (which is meant to be imminently) as there may be further clarification on this. The 'safest' option would be to extend the PED in line with the BIL duration on the ILR, and reflect the further extension only on the Commitment Statement. The planned hours on the ILR would therefore remain the same, but the learner would likely complete many more.