Peter Keating

Which year does Entry to Gateway get recorded


We have a number of apprentices on Standards where we are not able to get them into Gateway with the End Point Assessor before the year end due to the Assessor limited as to how many they can do at any one time. The learners have finished everything else and results put in the ILR except for the Programme Aim which is still still Active.

When they eventually go into Gateway do we record the result in the 2021/22 data even though date is after the 31 July 2022? 

Or do we have to carry them over to the 2022/23 data? If we have to carry them over to 2022/23 how does that affect the 2021/22 Success Rate?



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Martin West

As the the ESFA base the overall QAR on the hybrid end year, which is the later of:

  • the achievement year of an apprenticeship
  • the actual end year of an apprenticeship
  • the planned end year of an apprenticeship
  • the reporting year


Where the achievement date is recorded in the 22/23 ILR the hybrid end year would be 2022 unless this is not the latest in the above.

Only dates recorded after 31/8/2022 are recorded in the 2022/2023 ILR.


Ruth Canham-James

You don't record an achievement date that falls into 22/23, in your 21/22 data, even if it is known before 21/22 closes in October. You need to close as 1/8 with an actual and date in 21/22, then roll that into 22/23, and then put the achievement in there. I think you'd potentially do yourself out of the completion payment if you reported the 22/23 achievement date in your 21/22 data (assuming it didn't error), and didn't return anything in 22/23.

Peter Keating

Thank you both

From my understanding of this we do roll them over into 2022/23 data to record the a result and because their result is after their planned end date their achievement falls into 2022/23