Post-16 Monitoring

Post-16 monitoring annual survey


All post-16 providers and MCAs/GLA can give feedback on the post-16 monitoring reports dashboard in the second annual survey. You can access the survey via this link or from the dashboard landing page until the 22 July 2022 so take a moment to tell us what's working well and make suggestions for changes that may make your dashboard experience even better.

Following the feedback, from last year's survey, changes we made included adding the category 'Employer provider' to the View your education data sign in page, simplifying the graphical and tabular displays, and incorporating the Known Issues log rather than having a separate document.

Whether you’re a college, training provider, school, employer, MCA/GLA or other institution delivering education or training to post-16 learners, this is your opportunity to tell us how you find your way around the funding monitoring reports and guidance, manage to download and filter data, and how useful the graphs and tables are.

So far, we've received wide ranging feedback and would like to encourage providers to perhaps consult their colleagues, view the dashboard together, consider their answers carefully and submit a team reply.


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