Clare Hancock

UK National Residency Query - 3 years


Hi All.  Quick residency query if anyone can help please? 

Learner aged 19+ wants to enrol onto an AEB funded course in 22/23, they are a UK National but have not been in the UK for the past 3 years.  They went to work in Egypt for 3 years and returned to the UK  in May 2020.  Can they be funded as they haven't been back in the country for past 3 years? 

They have stated they have been on another course elsewhere (not sure how funded) and they are in receipt of Universal credit and child benefit.  



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Kelly Knights

There used to be something called temporary absence (not time specific) but I don’t know if it’s referenced in any of the funding rules or whether it still exsists.

My gut instinct is this learner is not eligible due to breaking her ties with the UK.

I’m sure if I’m wrong others will tell me.


Clare Hancock

Thank you, I was thinking the same, they fall into a bit of a loop hole if I am reading the guidance correctly