Michael Felton

Withdrawls with partial achievement



What are the ground rules regarding withdrawals.

We have a learner that is withdrawing, due to leaving the business.

He has completed 4 units of his L5 Operations/Department Manager programme.

Do we withdraw him as a partial achievement, or as no achievement?

We intend to claim the units from CMI for those that he has completed.


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Martin West

  • Code 2 'Partial achievement' should only be used for prescribed HE learning aims where the learner has achieved an award that is at a lower academic level than the qualification they were aiming for as identified by the learning aim reference. For example, a learner who is aiming for an HND but leaves at the end of the first year with an HNC.


Ben James

If you’re issuing the apprentice with an exit award that is lower than the one they were originally signed up for, then yes. If you’re not and they’ve only achieved some modules, then no