Bill Smith

AEB - Benefit Status Indicator



We have a learner who is employed, with low wage evidence, who has stated they are in receipt of a benefit. On the ILR  the learner would be coded as employed therefore would you also complete the benefit status indicator?

As the learner is in receipt of low wage and stated they are claiming benefits would both salary and benefits need to be assessed when establishing the FFI?





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Going to depend what hours they're working. If it's under 16 it might count as (capital U) Unemployed by the AEB definition.

If it's more than that, just go for Low Wage, not worth assessing the benefit, just the wage.

Martin West

For funding purposes, the ESFA define a learner as unemployed where their take-home pay as recorded on their Universal Credit statement (disregarding Universal Credit payments and other benefits) is less than £345 a month (learner is sole adult in their benefit claim) or £552 a month (learner has a joint benefit claim with their partner).

A learner can be employed and claim UC but for funding purposes classed as unemployed for funding purposes.