English minimum requirement


We have an apprentice who has been exempt from completing the level 2 FS minimum requirement for L2 apprentices due to having an EHCP and identified difficulties with sitting exams. The rules state we should work on entry level 3 with the apprentice but he already has a grade 3 at GCSE so do we still need to work on the entry 3?


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Martin West

The requirement for a L2 Apprenticeship is to achieve L1 FS in English and maths and as the learner has a prior attainment at this level they should undertake the L2 FS but they do not have to achieve it, It seems strange even though have an EHCP to be exempt for this requirement but if agreed with the employer and SEN expert that they could be exempt from studying towards L2 FS but this is not normal due to their prior attainment level so I would check with the ESFA.

E158.3 Where the apprentice already holds approved level 1 qualifications: Apprentices must start, continue to study and take the assessments for a level 2 English and / or maths (functional skills level 2 or GCSE). This requirement must be fulfilled before the apprentice takes the end-point assessment.

E170 Although the apprentice will be exempt from the regular English and / or maths minimum requirements, main providers must plan and evidence how the apprentice will access further literacy and numeracy development, including level 1 and level 2 courses, as part of their overall training provision, if appropriate.



Apologies, I meant level 3 apprentice not level 2. The apprentice would be unable to sit their level 2 assessments due to physical difficulties identified on an EHCP. 

The rules state;

You and the employer expect the apprentice to achieve all other
aspects of the apprenticeship requirements, become occupationally
competent and achieve entry level 3 functional skills in the adjusted
subject(s) before the end of their apprenticeship

We will of course plan to continue working with the apprentice on the English but to work towards and achieve entry 3 doesn't make sense when the apprentice already has the equivalent of a level 1 pass?

I raised this with the ESFA a while ago but keep being advised they are looking into it.