Jackie Danks

Changing name by deed pole


We have a learner who has changed their name by deed pole to one name.

The passport office have added 'X' into the surname.  Are we ok to do this in our student record system or is there something else we need to do?



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Ruth Canham-James

I don't really have an answer, but that's very odd! Other countries issue passports with just a blank surname/family name. We usually have a handful every year. After asking ESFA some years ago, we agreed I'd just record a hyphen in the surname. There's no official ILR guidance on that though. ESFA's first suggestion was to enter their forename again, or part of their forename, but our International team had strong objections to that, as our data has to exactly match the passport details for UKBA reasons.

Interestingly, I was just reading that, where a British passport holder has just one name, they usually put that in the surname, and set the forename to XXX. I think from an ILR point of view, it doesn't matter if you enter X or -, as both indicate there isn't a name, so maybe let the student decide?

Jackie Danks

Many Thanks for that Ruth