Helen Bryant

AEB funding rules for qual studied but not achieved


Looking for some clarification please re an adult (24+) who studied a L1 regulated qual with us last year (prior attainment full level 2) and was fully funded due to being unemployed. They failed to achieve the qual and has applied to study it again this year. The learner is still unemployed - are we able to fully fund this again? It's my feeling that the answer is no as we've already received funding to deliver the qual, regardless of the fact that the learner didn't achieve it. Thanks


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Kelly Knights

When you say didn’t achieve do you mean they completed lessons but they weren’t certificatated ? If so I think you’d struggle under RPL as they would have learnt everything.

Helen Bryant

Hi Kelly

Yes, they completed the course but failed it. I'm only querying this as the funding rule states that funding can't be claimed for:

'80.6. a learner to repeat the same regulated qualification where they have previously achieved it, unless it is for any GCSE where the learner has not achieved grade 4 (C) or higher'

It refers to the achievement of a qualification rather than the learning towards it. I guess though that's where the RPL would be taken into account??